The short answer: our mission is to provide the environmentally conscious with contemporary, thought-provoking clothing.

For a slightly more elaborate answer, continue reading.


What do you sell?

Hoodies, joggers, graphic tees, hats and more for men and women. Made from organic materials (or from hemp or bamboo). Harvested using environmentally friendly practices. Assembled and manufactured humanely. 

How are you different from other clothing companies?

Look at the neck tag on the inside of your nike hoodie. Where was the garment manufactured? What is the product made out of? We understand that profits are a priority, but for us, that does not mean our conscience should take a back seat.

royal apparel.jpg

Where do you get your clothes from?

From suppliers who share and support our vision. Here is a quote from the front page of Royal Apparel, one of our primary distributors: "It's more than just being sweatshop free. It's about manufacturing Apparel Made in USA and lowering our carbon footprint by focusing on organic and recycled fabrics."

Who are our clothes for?

Anyone who is concerned about their ecological footprint. Anyone who cares about how their clothes are produced and who is producing them.  Artists. Musicians. Entrepreneurs.


Why? Why do you guys do what you do?

Because we care. We care about the impact our decisions—from something as simple as what shirt we choose to throw on in the morning—have on everyone else. But also because we need to. We are explorers, travel junkies, and creators; we simply cannot do a 9-5 desk job. Thus this choice down the risky, exciting, restless road of entrepreneurship.