Our Business

Passion is more important than money.  A priority of our business is to connect artists with people. We understand that sometimes artists compromise, or even sacrifice an entire idea in order to share that idea with an audience. Often times money is the driving force behind why such a thing happens. However, we dont believe that money should ever get in the way of an artist who wants to share his or her work with the world. Therefore, we do everything in our power to make sure artists get both the recognition and compensation they deserve for their work, without forcing them to sacrifice their creative vision. 

We treat our employees how we would want to be treated --- with an open mind, honesty, and compassion. Each and every one of our employees has a valuable voice in our company. Our employees voices do not fall upon deaf ears, for every day we strive to create and innovate a better company, and that starts by listening to the ideas of our staff. A representation of our sincere gratitude to our employees is evident in our business model. We pay all of our employees a minimum wage of $15. Rather than waiting for our Congress to pass a law to make that minimum wage a business norm, we'll just go ahead and do it ourselves.  

We understand that as customers, your money, and especially your time, are precious. Therefore, it is our promise to never waste either.